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I’m currently a Ph.D. student in Computer Science in Tel Aviv University. If you are looking for my personal academic page go to the following address:

If you are looking for my lecture notes and homework solutions that I made during my Bachelor’s studies  you have reached the right place!


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2010, Fall Semester

Hi guys,

The courses I’m taking this semester are Pattern Recognition, Algorithmic Methods and Analysis of Algorithms. I hope to update courses from the last year soon (such as Compilation).

Have a good academic year!

We need your brain

Update – 14/03/10

Hi guys,

Uploaded new material for the first time this semester. Hope I’ll do it more often from now on.

Courses i’m taking now:
(*) Computational Geometry
(*) Logic
(*) Error Correcting Codes (my notes can be found here)
(*) Robotics Workshop.


Update – 28/12/09

I’m too busy lately…

For now I’ve uploaded Cryptography and Languages of the world.
Hope I’ll upload the rest in the following days.

Update – 12/11/09

Cryptography: ex01, lec04,rec03.
First Steps: ex01.
Cosmochemistry: lec04.
Languages of the World: lec04.

have a great weekend!

Update – 31/10/09

At last, the site is up to date.

This semester I’m taking the following courses: First Steps in Research, Intro to Cryptography, Compilation, Computational Neuroscience, Communication Complexity Seminar, Cosmochemistry and Origin of Life, Languages of the World.

I’ll do my best to summarize all lectures, but it won’t be easy with all the slides! (damn slides, blackboards are way cooler!)

See you in Shreiber – the place where cats are bigger than humans.

Some sites just can't afford decent

Some sites just can't afford decent servers

Broken docx files

Word 2007 has a tendency to crash while using the Equation Editor tool  and typing some elaborate math equation (for example matrix in upper  script). It corrupts the file.

If you try to open that file you get the following message:
“The Office Open XML file h2 cannot be opened because there are problems with the contents.” When you click Details, you’ll get “unspecified error” and “Location: Part: /word/document.xml, Line: 2, Column: 4999535″. As far as I know, the line and column doesn’t mean a thing.

Follow these steps to fix the file:
Assuming it’s name is “FILE.docx” rename it to “FILE.rar” and open it with your favorite archiver.
Go to the “word” folder in the archive. Unrar “document.xml” to some location.
Open the new “document.xml” file using a text or xml editor. Locate the block that caused the crash (most recent block) and delete it completely.
Leave the text editor and of course save changes.
Drag the file back to the open archive and close the archiver.
Change ”FILE.rar” back to ”FILE.docx”.

that’s it.